Saturday · May 23rd

Check-in: May 23 · 2:00 PM Check-out: May 28 · 11:00 AM Duration: 5 nights

Meet & Greet at San Jose Int’l Airport – Welcome! – A representative of the Costa Rica board of tourism, Canatur, will meet you after you have cleared immigration and provide you with name tags that identify you as a client of Way to Go Tours. After clearing customs, you will exit the terminal. There, you will see a representative of our destination management company, Destination Costa Rica, holding a placard with your name. You will be presented with your vouchers (except the ones included in your documents) and a general info kit. Pickup times for tours and transfers will be stamped on each voucher.

The Retreat Costa Rica

The Retreat is the brainchild of Celebrity Chef two-time best-selling author and Health and Wellness Life-Coach Diana Stobo. Diana’s goal was to create a transformational wellness center literally Heaven on Earth where every day people could come to escape the chaos and stresses of their lives and take an opportunity to reset their internal sense of balance in a nurturing and gentle environment. THE RETREAT is a luxury wellness destination located less than 45 minutes from San Jose International Airport. This bespoke boutique hotel is nestled in the arms of a quartz mountain and overlooks a stunning balcony to the Pacific Ocean with panoramic views extending over 60 miles across the world-renown beauty of Costa Rica.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included

Sunday · May 24th


Morning Yoga Class

Morning Soul Work with Jean

You are what you think – Your beliefs about your life is ultimately what your experience becomes. If you believe life is hard and is a struggle, life will reflect that. Join Jean as she explores how to change your thoughts to create a better reality!

Afternoon Soul Work with Jean

How to feel where you end and another begins – Are you tired? Does life feel exhausting and overwhelming? Many times, we live life for others’ expectations, and fail to recognize our own needs and desires, then wonder why life is not as fulfilling as we would hope. As we learn to honor what our spirit longs for, and set healthy boundaries, life becomes a magical place of awe-inspiring synchronicity and opportunity! Join Jean as she explores where your boundaries are, and how to establish a healthier space for you and your purpose here.

Monday · May 25th

Morning Yoga Class

River Gold Mine Nature Hike

The River Union or better known as “Las Minas” runs its waters by the “Monte del Aguacate.” For our adventurous guests we have a beautiful and mystical experience and is one of the jewels of The Retreat. Hidden up the mountain and following a path along the river we guide you to the base of the Avocado Gold Mine which has a huge and beautiful rock with a gentle water trickling where the most ancient settlers of Costa Rica extracted gold. Here guests can relax and just enjoy the sights and sounds of nature around them. Keep your eyes open for small gold nuggets in water!

Afternoon Soul Work with Jean

Guided Meditation to meet your Higher Self – Your higher Self is your best ally when it comes to living a life rich with possibility, opportunity, and satisfaction. If you are not listening to this vital system, life can feel challenging, confusing, or hard. Once you make this connection with this part of you, you can access your higher place of wisdom at any time. This gives you freedom from worry, self-doubt, and fear. Join Jean for this powerful and life-changing opportunity.

Tuesday · May 26th

Morning Yoga Class

Morning Soul Work with Jean

Your body is talking – Are you listening? – Do you find yourself confused about making decisions and asking others advice but never really feel like you are moving in the right direction? Our bodies are beautiful indicators to alert us if something is for our greatest good or not. Once we learn to tap into that guidance, we no longer make decisions that lead us into hard lessons. Join Jean as she teaches how to tune into your internal guidance system, along with tools to feel confident in decision making.

Wellness Cooking Class

Our kitchen is the heartbeat of our resort and our philosophy for living clean with food is the foundation of our wellness program. We reinforce this philosophy with willingness to share this knowledge with you so you can take your learning back into the world with you. Our teaching kitchen gives us the opportunity in an exquisite setting to teach many aspects of organic lifestyles. Classes in raw food preparations, herbal medicine making, fermenting, juicing and sprouting are a few offerings of the curriculum.

Afternoon Soul Work with Jean

How to process your emotions – You might feel things throughout the day but may not understand how to respond to those feelings. Some are trained to neglect or ignore feelings. Others are taught to look outward to remedy any negative feelings based on what someone else is doing. Join Jean as she teaches you how to translate your feelings and emotions so that you can be free to feel, express, and live your truth.

Wednesday · May 27th

Tortuga Island Cruise

The tour starts in La Marina de LosSueños, Herradura. Get ready to explore the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean and the tropical paradise of the Tortuga Island, one of the best beaches you will ever experience. Enjoy the nature; take photos of the species of animal life, the exotic flowers and trees to “show off” to friends back home.

What’s Included:
-Light breakfast on board
-Three activities on the beach: snorkel tour, banana boat tour and eco hike
-Alcoholic drinks (rum punch, margaritas) and soft drinks (water, sodas)
-Lunch on the island
-Chairs and umbrellas on the island
-Bilingual tour guide and equipment

What to Bring:
Sunblock, sunglasses, hat, beach towels, comfortable shoes, beachwear, insect repellent and camera

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Closing Cacao Ceremony


$3095 per person
Accommodation, transfers, tours and meals are included
The deposit of $750 is due February 1, 2020
The final payment is due March 15, 2020