Plan the Ultimate Winter Getaway with the Help of an Experienced Travel Advisor

Plan the Ultimate Winter Getaway with the Help of an Experienced Travel Advisor

Planning a getaway can be difficult. Between work, school and family life, you are too busy to even think about planning out a trip. You want to be able to enjoy a winter getaway without all the hassle. The best way to do this is to use an experienced travel agent for your planning needs. Working with the right company will ensure you find a trip that is affordable as well as planned well so you can relax and enjoy yourself instead of stressing out with no time to plan.

An Organized Trip

One of the best ways to enjoy a winter getaway is to have an organized trip. From the flight to accommodations and outings, it takes time and effort to figure out what you want to do and create an itinerary. Even thinking about it can make you become stressed!

Instead of trying to do it all yourself and getting frustrated, work with a travel expert. All you have to do is set a budget and figure out your destination and they do the rest. And sometimes they help you to figure out the destination! By knowing where you want to go and how much you wish to spend, a travel company can easily plan a quality trip.

Continued Communication

By working with a travel company that is experienced, you will be on constant communication. The company should inquire as to your specific wants or desires, to plan the perfect getaway for you. Companies like DMC Travel Tailor can customize a trip based on your specific needs so you know that you will have an amazing trip!

Communication is key to planning the right trip for each client. By learning more about you and what you wish to experience, the trip will be planned correctly. There is nothing worse than having a trip booked for you and you have no idea what you will be doing, where you are staying, etc. Staying in the know and remaining in communication with your travel planner ensures that you get exactly what you want!

Instead of getting stressed about your next trip, work with a travel company to plan the perfect getaway! Email Stefany at and or call her at (917) 653-9346 to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

Top Benefits of a Custom Travel Itinerary

Top Benefits of a Custom Travel Itinerary

Are you debating working with a travel company for your next trip? Do you want to enjoy an exotic getaway but continue to put off your dream trip due to stress of planning or lack of time to plan? Instead of putting trips off or not going to where you wish to travel to due to inexperience, why not take advantage of a travel agency? With the help of a professional, you can have a custom travel itinerary that will work for your travel dreams.

There are so many benefits to a custom travel plan, from the lack of planning stress to getting to enjoy unique travel activities. If you are like most people, you have little experience in exotic locations or have traveled to the same places year after year. By letting a travel advisor plan your trip for you, the options are virtually endless as to what you can see and do!

No Stress

To begin with, a major bonus to having someone else plan your trip is that you are not going to stress about it. Putting the planning in the hands of a professional means you can relax while someone else does the work. For many, just looking at hotel options or activities to possibly do is exhausting. By telling the planner what you like and what you would enjoy allows them to plan a customized itinerary for your vacation needs, a plan that you will enjoy.

Full Itinerary

With your trip, Stefany, Dream Travel Designer at DMC Travel Tailor can make your itinerary full of activities that are tailored to you. If you are traveling to another country, you may have no idea of what you can do or how you can do it. With the plan laid out for you, from the activities to transportation, you can enjoy your dream vacation with ease. Just follow the plan that will be prepared for you!

Such companies as DMC Travel Tailor customize vacation plans based on your individual traveling needs. With attention to detail, including your dream activities or location, a trip can be planned and booked that will be memorable as well as stress free! Email Stefany at and or call her at (917) 653-9346 to schedule a complimentary discovery call to start the process of realizing your next dream trip!

Fall Foliage Around the World

The Northeast (and southeastern Canada) receive a lot of acclaim for their fall foliage, and rightfully so, because it’s spectacular. But it’s not the only game in town. Last year we took a glance at the top places around the country to peep leaves. This time around, we look at the best international spots for fall foliage.

Western Canada

The Canadian Rockies pack just as much as punch as those in the U.S. Banff and Jasper national parks are full of color against a backdrop of slate-grey mountains with snow-capped peaks. All those pictures you’ve seen of Lake Louise? Imagine it draped in gold and orange. Vancouver’s Stanley Park is an urban oasis, and in autumn, maple, cottonwood and red alder trees change colors right next to the harbor.


Typically leaves begin changing in the northern islands and mountains first, and the colors roll south as autumn progresses. If you time it right, you can follow the changes down through the country. The best times are usually late October through late November. Japan Rail offers passes coordinated with the forecasts. There aren’t many sights better than Mt. Fuji ringed by beautiful foliage in the first days of November.

The Alps

From the eastern reaches of France, through northern Italy, Switzerland, Bavaria, Austria and on to the Julian Alps of Slovenia, there are about 750 miles of mountains dividing Europe. Italy’s Dolomites shine yellow and gold in the autumn sun. Reds and yellows light up the valleys of Switzerland contrasted against bright blue lakes. The Tyrol region features distinctive churches in the high passes surrounded by trees in metamorphosis. It’s capped off by Lake Bled in Slovenia, with an island in a lake with mountains all around. Pure magic.


Moscow celebrates fall with the Golden Autumn harvest festival featuring carved pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. St. Petersburg is full of parks and gardens that become glorious in golden autumn. In Russia’s east, Lake Baikal and the taiga forest of Siberia range from yellow to orange to red, making for breathtaking landscapes. The towns of the Golden Ring northeast of Moscow are evening more charming with an autumnal tint.

New Zealand

So you’ll have to wait until our spring to take in the amazing colors of New Zealand’s fall. But it’s worth the wait. The show starts in early April on the South Island, creeping north as the season progresses. Central Otago and Queenstown turn, rolling up along the path of the Southern Alps then hitting Queenstown and moving on to the North Island before May sees the leaves turn to brown and begin falling off the trees.

3 Tips for A Better Experience to a Trip to Rome

If you plan to tour the Eternal City, you want to find out what you need to do to have a more enjoyable travel experience.  Rome is a gorgeous city, one of the most adoring cities to visit.  Being in Rome feels like being in a huge museum.  The streets, the churches, and the buildings all breathe history.  While there is everything reason to visit Rome, sometimes the city is crowded.  To get the most of your trip to Rome, you can use these three tips:

  1. Skip the Lines at the Attractions

When you have two or three days to tour Rome, and you want to explore as much as you can, it can be a little tricky because much of the time may be spent standing in line at the entrances.  You can skip the lines at attractions like the Vatican museums and Colosseum.  It doesn’t make sense to spend 4 hours queuing at the Vatican museums only to have two minutes to see the well-known ceiling painting by Michelangelo at the Sistine Chapel.  There are skip-the-line tours that DMC Travel Tailor can arrange for you so you can save time.

  1. Outsmart The Crowds

You can visit places like the Vatican late in the afternoon when most people have already toured the place.  You will find huge crowds in the morning, so consider going to other places like Trastevere and come back around 6 PM and you will get inside St. Peter’s Basilica in a few minutes.  If you are visiting the Pantheon, do it half an hour prior to closing time.  The attraction is pretty crowded, but some minutes before closing it is less crowded.

  1. Tour the Little Know Parts of Rome

If you want to avoid the crowds when visiting Rome, it’s advisable that you head in the opposite direction than where most people are going.  There are must-see places, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other beautiful and exciting attractions to see in Rome.

These tips will help enhance your experience when touring Rome.  To plan your trip to Rome and other top destinations, you can contact Stefany at DMC Travel Tailor at

Traveling with Intention

DMC Travel Tailor is a company that designs and plans trips specifically to the client’s wants and needs. A company founded in 2016, it was the owner’s goal to help everyone travel with intention. The meaning behind this is they take five percent of the profit they make from the luxury concierge company and give it back to a charity. At DMC Travel Tailor, they plan to make their clients travel dreams come into reality and hope to help them experience different cultures. Whether it be a trip for work, vacation with family, or a honeymoon, DMC Travel Tailor can give you an authentic memorable experience.

What to Expect

Since DMC Travel Tailor designs and creates traveling plans for different clients, it is obvious that your wants will be a top priority. In fact, they have created a process that helps you get a better idea of what to expect and how the company works. One of the biggest goals, besides creating a great itinerary, is to create lasting relationships with clients. Here is a look at their process:

  1. Discover and Understand- In this part of the process, you meet over a phone call to discuss your likes and dislikes, so they know the best way to serve you.
  2. Clarify and Commit – Establishing an agreement to work together.
  3. Travel Design- They access their global partners to design the perfect itinerary for your trip.
  4. Reserve and Reconfirm- Confirming services and reconfirming
  5. Monitor and Manage- DMC Travel Tailor works “backstage” managing anything that needs to handled so you can relax and enjoy your trip.
  6. Debrief and Recalibrate- Once you are back from your travels, they will contact you to talk about your trip.

Planning a trip can be stressful, but with the help of DMC Travel Tailor, they can help put your mind at ease. Contact Stefany at to start planning your trip today.

Why a Cruise through the Danube is the Best River Cruises you can Take

If you like river cruises, the Danube is one of the best choices you can make. The river is the second longest in Europe. It covers about 1,770 miles stretching from Germany to Ukraine. There are lots of sites to enjoy from Iconic cities to a number of UNESCO Heritage sites.

The Views

There are several river cruise itineraries that go through the Danube. The most common ones are between Passau in Germany and Budapest in Hungary. You can enjoy the scenic view along the river as you pass by tiny villages on the feet of lush green hills.

The Danube has many historical sites and landmarks along its banks. Some of the interesting ones include:

  • The Hungarian Parliament Building: In Budapest, you will get to see the imposing Hungarian parliament built in Gothic Revival and Renaissance architectural styles. The building seems to emit a golden glow at night. Making it one of the breathtaking scenes on the banks of the Danube.
  • Veste Oberhaus: located in Passau, Germany the Veste Oberhaus is a fortress built in 1219. It is located at the starting point of the trip. The facility has a museum and an open-air theater.
  • Cesky Krumlov: A city located in the Czech Republic. It is known for its UNESCO listed castle from the 13th century and a garden and a theater from the 17th

Wine and Concerts

You can enjoy a wide range of foods from different parts of Europe. There are local markets along the river where you can sample traditional cuisine from Hungary and Austria. You will also be passing through Austria’s finest wine producing regions. There are lots of opportunities to sample some of the best white wines.

Vienna is the home of many classical music greats such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Schubert. Travelers will get to see where these classical music symphonies were composed and listen to live performances.

Contact Stefany at to start planning your river cruise.