Covid-19 Partner Initiatives

Even though they can’t welcome guests right now, our fabulous partners have gotten incredibly creative delivering the best virtual experiences possible to keep you entertained and dreaming of travel while you’re sheltering at home. That’s one of the things we love about our preferred partners, they’re always focused on service and delivering high-quality experiences. There’s enough below to keep kids and adults occupied and learning for as long as necessary. There are some stress relievers, from meditation tips to cocktail recipes. We and our partners are here for you, and we can’t wait to welcome you back with open arms once we can all get back out into this great big world.

Paws Up: Via Instagram live, the Montana ranch resort is streaming yoga classes and cooking classes, teaching wilderness foraging and leading expeditions to identify the area’s animals. There will even be an expert angler offering virtual fly-fishing from the Blackfoot River.

Austin Adventures: Via Zoom, the U.S.-based adventure company is conducting Virtual Adventures for Kids, with topics including Yellowstone, a virtual zoo tour and bike maintenance 101. The webinars are designed for kids 6-12, and you can register at the link.

Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa: The wellness resort will put on Facebook live sessions on how to stay healthy at home each Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m. Eastern. The videos will feature recipes, exercise tips and methods for maintaining mental health while cooped up at home.

&beyond: Since you can’t go to Africa, the luxury safari and tour operator is bringing Africa to you with recipes, music playlists, animals videos and book and movie recommendations for kids and adults.

Beyond Times Square:: Born and raised in New York, this tour operator has a virtual tour of NYC featuring the Met, MoMA, Central Park and panoramic view from the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building. For those looking to get away from crowded cities, BTSQ is introducing Stress-Free Getaways to places such as the Hudson Valley and Cape Cod, with sanitized vehicles, sanitizer provided and guides following CDC guidelines.

Natural Habitat Adventures: Each day at 3 p.m. Eastern, Nat Hab is offering a daily dose of nature. The hourlong webinars have titles such as “Why Do We Love Bears So Much” and “No Foolin’! You Can Create Wildlife Habitat in Your Own Backyard.”

Context Travel: Scholar-led Context Conversations seminars are $35 each and discuss Beijing through the ages, how Venice has dealt with disaster, disease and over tourism across the centuries, the aesthetics of Tokyo. The In Context podcast is free, providing updates from Rome and city overviews for when things open back up.

Lindblad Expeditions: Each day, Lindblad is posting a virtual program with wildlife videos, moments of bliss, photography tips and recipes (that last part is mostly for the parents, but the rest is family-friendly).

Canyon Ranch: Be strong, be well with meditation videos, tips for managing anxiety and ways to boost your immune system.

Four Seasons New York: This isn’t an interactive activity, but well worth highlighting: The Four Seasons New York, temporarily closed to reservations, is providing free rooms for doctors, nurses and other medical personnel working long hours on the front lines.

Culinary Adventures on Five Continents

One of the great pleasures of travel is leaving your diet at home and sampling the culinary delights your destination is famous for. Paella in Valencia, new Nordic in Copenhagen, street food everywhere: What you eat is a big part of the experience. A few of our Virtuoso partners have put together some fabulous journeys that will ensure your trip is excellent to the last bite.


At the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Sicily has absorbed a lot of different cultures into its culinary history. Influences from Greeks, Spaniards, Normans and Arabs blend to form a rich cuisine. Sailing June 26, 2019, Ponant is offering a nine-day Sicilian Food & Wine Experience highlighting the arancini of Agrigento, Palermo’s revered street food and the pasta, sardines and eggplant of the islands east. The volcanic soil around Mt. Etna produces spectacular wines to wash it all down.

Chiloe Island, Chile

Bespoke Journeys by Sportstour takes you into the mystical heart of Chiloe Island, whose culture is based on a unique mythology of witchcraft, ghost ships and forest spirits. The culinary tradition features curanto stew, which is made from meat, seafood and potatoes cooked in a hole in the ground. You’ll eat in the home of a local family which has been preparing the dish for generations and sample fresh oysters in between following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin in Chiloe National Park and marveling at the 16 island churches that have UNESCO World Heritage status.

Rotorua, New Zealand

Treetops Lodge & Estate showcases local produce including herbs traditionally used in Maori cooking. Karengo (sea vegetable) makes an appearance in plenty of seafood dishes on the menu, while a rub made from the leaves of the kawakawa tree is used to spice meat. Led by a local expert, guests can head out into the forest in search of such ingredients at their source, learning about the nutritional and medicinal properties that played a large role in the traditional Maori diet.
New York
Beyond Times Square wants visitors to get to know the Big Apple through its food scene. Get a taste of the different cultures that have made New York home with Norwegian smoked salmon, Sicilian cannoli and much more on the Eating Your Way Through Manhattan tour, or just focus on Italian food with The Real Little Italy tour along Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Throw in artisanal chocolate and a perfect slice of pizza on the Brooklyn Biking & Food Adventure, and you can stuff your face in three boroughs.

Cape Town

As part of Belmond’s worldwide Art of Gastronomy program, the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel aims to educate visitors about the dangers of food waste while showing them just how good the food we often throw away can be. In a five-course chef’s table menu, Rudi Liebenberg showcases items such as beef tendons, trout collar and other overlooked products to demonstrate how to make the most of what the earth yields. The “fashionably rejected” parts of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish become the stars of the show.

NYC Photo Safari, a Fun and Informative Tour

Daniele and I recently spent a few days in NYC.  We wanted to try out a photo tour, as we thought this would be a great excursion to offer our DMC Travel Tailor clients who would like to visit New York City.  We did a tour with NYC Photo Safari.  It was fun, informative and we now have some great NYC shots!  NYC Photo Safari offers tours of: Iconic Buildings (the one which we did), Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, World Trade Center, NYC After Dark and Brooklyn Bridge to name a few.  They also offer group events, custom photo safaris and a 3-day photo work shop for the photography enthusiast who would like to immerse himself/herself for 3 full days of learning great tips while taking amazing pictures!

Zim was our guide. She is a photographer who is knowledgeable, funny and loves to take creative shots that are not boring! She gave us all one on one attention to make sure we were getting the concepts she was teaching us. I was taking pictures with my I Phone, which is what I usually use on my trips. I love the convenience factor of being able to take pics with my phone. These tours are open to people of all different levels, from people who just like taking pictures to photography students to professional photographers. We took pictures in and around: Grand Central Terminal, the New York Public Library, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, the Cipriani building and Times Square.

We love all the shots we took on our tour!

We learned “not be lazy” and physically move to place ourselves in the right spot to capture the shot we would like.  Other tips we learned were city sky line reflection shots and aligning our camera (or in my case phone) to have the building appear vertically straight while taking the shot from an angle to capture the whole frame desired.  She also taught us “not to be greedy,” meaning, when taking a picture, to focus on the building (or other primary focus) to get a good shot, without trying to get too many other things in the photo that would take away from the primary focus.  We learned and used the rule of thirds and that if we wanted to take a shot aligning the primary focus in the center; to make it interesting and take it from a different angle.  I loved that she taught me how to use the exposure on my I Phone; a feature I didn’t know existed!

We highly recommend this tour for people who want to learn how to take better pictures and would like some cool and fun shots to take home of NYC!  For more information on NYC Photo Safari rates and schedule, please go to their website:

Thank you NYC Photo Safari for teaching us new tricks to take better shots!  You can always buy a professional picture of New York City, but why, when you can learn and be able to take home a picture you took that you can frame yourself.  To me, a picture holds a lot more meaning when you have taken it yourself.  You then also have a story to tell attached to it.

Happy shooting!

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