Traveling to Fiji? Don’t Miss These Must-See Hot Spots

Sun-drenched beaches, beautiful palm trees and crystal blue lagoons, what’s not to love about Fiji? The tropical paradise is a perfect location for a vacation getaway, especially during the colder winter months. Every year, thousands of people travel to the South Pacific to enjoy this island area. With so many islands to choose from, the destination is ideal for any traveler! If you are planning to visit Fiji in the future, be sure to hit all the hot spots we list below!

Hindu Temples
Fiji is full of cultural experiences, including beautiful Hindu temples. Vibrant festivals take place throughout the year at the temples, where travelers can get an inside glimpse into the religion. The most spectacular to see firsthand is the Sri Siva Subrahmanya Swami Temple in Nadi. The bright coloring seems unreal with towering spires and intricate architecture throughout.

Island Adventures
If you are up for a little adventure, why not travel to the Mamanucas and Yasawa islands of Fiji? These beautiful islands are perfect for a luxury getaway or if you want to backpack in the region. Resorts can be found on these islands that offer lovely views as well as plenty of activities to explore. With the help of companies like DMC Travel Tailor, you can easily plan your lodging while in Fiji.

If you want to get to know the locals, travel to Levuka, a town in Fiji that is home to a colonial museum. Inside the museum, view pieces that tell the history of the region and how the area came to be. The locals are friendly and add to the quaintness of the area.

Hiking Waya Island
For the truly adventurous, take a boat to Waya Island and go on a hiking trip of a lifetime. With amazing ocean views and lush landscape, you will feel like you are in another world as you traverse the trails of the island.

Beqa Island
The even more daring will go from an amazing hike at Waya Island to a shark encounter at Beqa Island. The area is home to bull sharks and sometimes tiger sharks and travelers can easily participate in a shark-feeding dive off the shores of this island.

These are just a few of the amazing things you can do while in Fiji. Try a few or make your entire list filled with these exciting adventurous options!

Top Tips to Travel Italy like a Local

Italy is a beautiful region of the world that most people dream of visiting. If you have traveled to Italy before, then you want to go back as soon as you return home. Italy is filled with unique cultural experiences, history, art, architecture, wine and amazing food. Along with visiting the major tourist attractions like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum, people often visit Italy to enjoy the way of life. Learning how to travel like a local can help you to enjoy a more unique experience in the region.

Starting the Day
When traveling in Italy, it can be fun to live like the locals. The classic Italian breakfast includes a sweet pastry and coffee or a cappuccino. Embrace the culture and start your day with something sweet. Head to a local café or even a bar and you can order a drink and croissant to begin your travels.

Food and More Food
Italians love food and three meals a day is usually not enough to enjoy the tasty cuisine. Plan your trip around multiple, smaller meals so you can truly enjoy the many amazing items the local cafés and restaurants have to offer. The locals often add a meal in-between lunch and dinner and you can too! Feel free to stretch you eating just a bit while in Italy to fully enjoy the local cuisine. Have help planning your meals by working with a travel company like DMC Travel Tailor as you get ready for your trip!

Take advantage of Riposino
Most travelers to Italy have no idea that shops often close for a lunch break, especially during the summer months. The heat in the early afternoon is stifling and everyone wants to go inside and take a break. The word riposino means nap in Italian and it is something that many locals take advantage. Take time during your travels to take a nap and awaken to open shops and a feeling of being fully rested.

Speak to Everyone
When traveling to Italy, it is important to speak to everyone you mean. While there may be a language barrier, Italians are happy to provide assistance or recommendations for restaurants or attractions. Get to know the locals and you might find that a few suggestions of entertainment take you off the beaten path to places you would have never explored before!

Planning A Trip To Africa Has Never Been Easier

There is something about Africa that stirs the imagination. You may have seen a long, beautiful grassy plain with acacia trees that glisten in the setting sun on television or in the movies. You have dreamt about observing lions, elephants and giraffes from the back of a jeep or on the deck of a treehouse. You are dying to see thousands of antelope when they migrate across the plains. You want to connect with the people you have seen, and you want to try the cuisine of the continent.

You are in luck. You can be one of the 30 million people who visit Africa each year. Let us tell you why you should use our luxury travel service.

Why Choose DMC Travel Tailor?

There are many reasons why you will want to choose us.

  • We plan your trip with you in mind. No more one-size-fits-all trips. Instead, we custom build your trip to Africa with you. Want to spend a night in the Serengeti? We can do that? Want to paddle down the Okavango Delta? We can plan that for you? Want to see as many countries as possible? No problem. Let us plan it for you.
  • You don’t waste time worrying. We plan and arrange everything for you. We also manage any travel issues that come up, which leaves you to enjoy your time with the people you love.
  • We have contacts all over the world. No matter where you want to go, we can make sure you get there.
  • Need to make plans for a large tour group of family and friends? We can handle large or small groups with personalized experiences.

If you are longing to see the beauty, wonder and majesty of Africa. We can help. Why not contact DMC Travel Tailor today, and let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime?

Benefits of a Tailor-Made Vacation

More people are turning to the wide-ranging benefits of a tailor-made vacation. But what are the main benefits of traveling in this manner?

You are in Control

A tailor-made vacation is all about you. Then again, why shouldn’t it be? With a tailor-made vacation, you decide what you should do. Whatever activities, trips, or excursions you like doing, it is all included in your dream vacation with no concerns about getting things sorted once you arrive at your destination. Of course, choosing the things that you enjoy means not being tied down to anything that you do not like.

Take Things at Your Own Pace

Many vacation activities are decided by the group mentality. Which means you are constantly being forced to move on to the next activity. With a tailor-made vacation, you can take your time. You do things at your own pace, meaning you will enjoy them more. After all, you do not want to be stressed out on your vacation.


If you are on vacation, it involves many stops, accommodations, and traveling. This can turn into a stressful situation. With a tailor-made vacation, everything is sorted out in advance, meaning that you are less likely to experience stress from sorting logistics and hotel rooms while you are there.

Vacation on a Budget

When booking a vacation, your budget is the first thing on your mind. Tailor-made vacations have numerous financial benefits. For instance, you can choose the amount of money you wish to spend and put the vacation together accordingly. If you are traveling on a budget, you will know in advance exactly what you will spend.

If you enjoy being in control of your vacation from the smaller details to the large, a tailor-made vacation may be for you.

6 Magnificent Reasons to Visit South Africa

South Africa is guaranteed to deliver you an unforgettable journey. With its fantastic adventures, pristine coastline, and a remarkable climate, here are some of the several reasons to visit.

Garden Route

With friendly towns, beaches, lakes, and evergreen vegetation, the Garden Route is an area of exceptional beauty. Sunbathe, play golf, dine, and experience one-of-a-kind nature, marine, ancient forests, and the breathtaking mountain scenery of South Africa.

Cape Peninsula

Undoubtedly, one of the most gorgeous regions in South Africa, the Cape Peninsula is a wealth of scenic beauty, beaches, and mountains. Enjoy the scene from Table Mountain, take trips to one of its beaches, and immerse yourself into the history of Robben Island.

Whale Watching

Head over to the Town of Hermanus where they offer the chance to see the brilliant Southern Right Whales. Along the Coast of the Western Cape, Southern Right Whales are extremely visible from June through November. You do not even have to head out on a boat to view these beautiful creatures since the Town of Hermanus is considered to be one of the best whale-watching areas in the world. In fact, Southern Right Whales are often spotted close to the shoreline.


The best way to finish your journey is with a South Africa safari and there are many to choose them.

Cape Winelands

There is never a bad time to tour the Winelands in the Cape. Ranked amongst the best, the greatly-priced wines, as well as sixteen wine routes will leave you spoiled for choices.

Route 62

Route 62 provides a laid-back adventure for anyone who wants to discover the world’s longest wine route.  In addition to wine tasting, enjoy a holiday full of country shopping, dining, unforgettable characters as well as homely hospitality.

4 Ways to Save Money for Your Dream Vacation

Everyone understands the feeling of not having the necessary funds to book a destination that has been on your list for some time now. It can be frustrating, and you are likely spending much time dreaming of finally arriving there. If you are in a similar situation, then it is time to rethink how your money if managed. Here are some simple tips for you to follow on how to save enough money for your next vacation:

Create a Plan

Whether you already have a workable budget in place or are undisciplined at managing your money, the fastest way of achieving your goal to create an achievable plan.

Determine when you want to go on vacation and how much you need to save each month. Be sure to include enough money for occasional treats as well as social activities.

Get a Money Jar

If you are utilizing a money jar properly, they can be a fantastic thing because you are saving money for your vacation without realizing it. For instance, every time you have extra coins, put them in your money jar. Also, put in all of the dollar bills left in your wallet at the end of the week.

Create a New Coffee Routine

Coffee shops have appeared on every corner over the last few years. This makes it extremely easy to buy a coffee your way to work. Of course, we are not suggesting that you give up coffee. Instead, you can purchase premium instant coffee for when you are on the job and invest in a good travel mug for the ride.


You do not need to spend tons of money or hours in the kitchen making lunches every day. You can either keep the ingredients for cold sandwiches at work or cook in bulk on a Sunday afternoon.

Stay disciplined and you will have saved enough money for your dream vacation before you know it.