Highlights of my experience on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island


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Are you looking for some fun-in-the-sun time on a private island that also has a flock of flamingos, lemurs, giant tortoises, turtles, birds and iguanas around? On Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island all the Balinese-inspired houses boast a beautiful view and if you are looking for a well-known tennis and or kitesurfing expert for lessons, this is your spot.

Here is a video of the highlights of my stay and a look at a few of the gorgeous homes on the island. It is a great place for singles, couples and or families to come together for a celebration trip!


If you don’t want the island for exclusive use, you can book a room during one of their Celebration Weeks.

I wrote a blog post of my experience on Necker and Moskito Islands; you can read it here: https://dmctraveltailor.com/my-experience-at-sir-richard-bransons-necker-and-moskito-private-islands/

For any questions on Necker Island, please contact Stefany at: stefany@largaytravel.com and or info@dmctraveltailor.com.

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Moskito Island is the perfect spot for your special occasion


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Are you looking to celebrate a special occasion in an estate on a private island? If so, Moskito Island in the British Virgin Islands is an amazing spot for it! I recently returned from an educational trip at Sir Richard Branson’s private islands, Moskito and Necker. Seclusion, turquoise water, magnificent views, delicious food, watersports, wonderful staff, tennis, exclusivity-Moskito Island checks all of these boxes.

Here is a video of the highlights of my stay and a look at a few of the breathtaking estates on the island. Moskito Island is a 10-minute boat ride from Necker Island and close to Virgin Gorda. It is a great place for singles, couples and or families to come together for a celebration trip!

For any questions on Moskito Island, please contact Stefany at: stefany@largaytravel.com and or info@dmctraveltailor.com.

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Private island escape: Guana Island

Powder white sands, turquoise waters, mountains and no crowds around- Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands is perfect for a hideaway retreat set on 850 acres, 7 beaches with a maximum limit of 35 guests. This luxury boutique Virtuoso hotel (18 rooms and villas) was built of native stone and coral on an 18th century estate with stunning views of the Caribbean and the Atlantic.
Immersing yourself in nature here is key as there is no commercial facility on the island. Surrounding you are hiking trails, gardens and a flock of flamingos! Conservation and sustainability are their calling with a mission to protect nature and a science program that has reintroduced local species. Dining is farm-to-table food options utilizing the organic farm on the property. There are plenty of water activities whether you would like to snorkel, paddleboard, kayak, sail, kite surf and or scuba dive to name a few. You can take the Hobie-Cat out, go deep sea fishing and or relax in their Hibiscus Spa.
Your Virtuoso amenities when booking with me here are a $200 donation to their sustainability programs and a bottle of champagne. For any questions on Guana Island, reach out to Stefany at stefany@largaytravel.com and or info@dmctraveltailor.com.
Photo credits go to Jonathan Becker.

Scrub Island is one of Stefany’s happy places: British Virgin Islands

Do you like to island hop? Do you like turquoise waters? Do you like snorkeling, diving and or sailing? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you will love the British Virgin Islands.

Scrub Island is one of my happy places! I love the British Virgin Islands. It is the ideal place for island-hopping. It has beauty, turquoise waters, mountains, a cool vibe, and great snorkeling! It is also a sailor’s paradise!

The best day for me on my honeymoon was the day my husband and I chartered a boat to go island hopping. We stopped at Willy T’s, which is a fun bar/restaurant on a boat surrounded by water. One tradition there is to jump off the back of the boat from the second floor which we did for an adrenaline rush! Saba Rock was our spot for a scrumptious lunch. We passed by Richard Branson’s Necker Island and stopped in Virgin Gorda where we jumped off the boat to swim up to the Baths. The Baths are made up of these big boulders on a beach that you can walk through which we did. Sipped on a refreshing painkiller at the Soggy Dollar in Jost Van Dyke. Overall, it was an action-packed day with all of these activities, plus snorkeled and danced on the boat!

I am a BVI Specialist. If you are looking for a fun-in-the-sun type of trip, I would be happy to plan it for you. You can contact me at: info@dmctraveltailor.com and or stefany@largaytravel.com.


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Talking Travel with Dave Hoffman of Hoffman Law Firm

I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Hoffman of Hoffman Law Firm at the Camp Happy Days Gala. We both share a common interest in giving back to the non-profit organization. Camp Happy Days is a local charity in Charleston that helps children fight cancer by filling their life with hope and some fun. We at DMC Travel Tailor give 5% of our total profit to them and volunteer our time with them to help make this world a better place.

At the gala, DMC Travel Tailor donated a research and planning service as part of an auction item package. Dave Hoffman bid on it and this is how we met. I will be planning his next trip. When we got together we spoke about why he would like to use a travel advisor, the advantages of using one and the benefits he gets from travel. Dave Hoffman expressed that he would like to use a travel advisor to take the worry off his plate, creating a stress-free environment, saving him the valuable asset of time, while having a seamless trip created for him by a travel professional to avoid some of the mishaps he has previously encountered when planning a trip on his own.

Check out this video where Dave expresses why he thinks he would benefit from using a travel advisor:

DMC Travel Tailor is affiliated with Virtuoso, which is the leading luxury network in the world. Through this affiliation, we are able to offer clients exclusive perks and benefits they cannot find on their own. It also gives us access to global partners around the world we use to create WOW moments for our clients no matter where they want to go in the world. Some of the destinations we focus on include Africa, Australia, Italy, the British Virgin Islands and Fiji. We are also part of the Virtuoso Adventure Travel Community, specializing in adventure travel. This allows us to give you insight not only on where to go and what to do for a great adventure travel trip but also give you advice on what to wear and any equipment needed to bring.

Check out this video where we speak about that:

Some of the benefits of travel we discussed were learning other cultures, having eye-opening experiences that promote self-growth, bonding with family members and or loved ones and creating memories that last a lifetime, which is priceless. At the end of the day, you won’t necessarily remember what you have bought, but I bet you will remember the things you have experienced.

If you don’t have a travel advisor and would like to speak to one, please feel free to reach out to me, Stefany Di Manno Ceccato, Dream Travel Designer at DMC Travel Tailor. I can be reached at info@dmctraveltailor.com and or by phone at (917) 653-9346. I would be happy to help in realizing your travel dreams!