3 Trends in Tourism

The tourism industry is changing slowly but at a constant rate. Tourists are always looking for new destinations, new experiences, and more efficient and stress-free ways to travel. There are certain trends that have been taking over the tourism industry in recent years.

Experience Tourism

Experience tourism is based on the idea that people travel to unwind and break away from the monotony of daily life. Around the traditional tourist destinations have been adding an element of experience to the package. For example, while visiting an exotic destination or safari, you can take part in jewelry making, preparation of exotic foods, and wine tasting.

Experts believe that experience tourism is rising as a result of the bad experiences that clients have experienced in the past. Poor planning is one of the factors that contribute to poor holiday experiences. Often this type of tourism is coupled with personal travel planning.

Health and Wellness

Relaxation and tranquility are amongst the most important factors that tourists expect to get whenever they sign up for a vacation. Tourists are demanding higher quality food that is fresh and has been prepared cruelty-free. Places selling organic and vegan food are becoming popular with tourists looking for healthier options. In the light of growing climate change concerns, travelers are also looking for businesses that promote the use of sustainable practices such as recycling and use of renewable energy.

Enhanced Cruise Experience

Cruise ships are always full of adventure. Tour companies are now looking to provide their clients with an enhanced cruise ship experience. Cruise ships are now hi-tech with sophisticated devices designed to keep everyone on board safe and allow people to communicate with loved ones while vacationing. Vacation cruise ships offer more options to travelers such as multiple destinations, or following trails along the river to enhance your experience.

How to Immerse Yourself in the Culture When You Vacation

Vacations are a great way to experience another part of the world, country, or local culture. However, many times vacationers spend their time at the popular tourist spots and don’t fully immerse themselves in the culture of where they are traveling. When you get into the culture and experience it more in depth, your vacation will be much more worthwhile. Here is how to dive into the culture around you when travelling.

Stay with the Locals

Consider accommodations renting an apartment and or villa in a neighborhood surrounded by locals who live and work in the area every day. You will be more absorbed in the everyday living of the locals and get to experience firsthand what it is like to live in that place.

Dine with the Locals

Don’t settle for all of the tourist hot spots when it comes to eating out. Ask some locals where some of their favorite spots to eat are, and experience them for yourself. Not only will you be putting yourself in the middle of a culture and experiencing food like you never dreamed you would, you will also be avoiding large crowds and get a more intimate dining experience.

Make Friends

When traveling, talk to those around you and find out if they are traveling to the same place. Find some friends in your hotel or rental house who want to get out and do some exploring with you. Traveling with others is a great way to open yourself up to new experiences. They might have something on their to-do list that you didn’t know about!

Use Local Transportation

Local transportation is a great way to see the sights and really feel as though you are experiencing the local culture first hand.

Why You Need to Take Your Dream Vacation

We all have one, that picturesque locale that you’ve always dreamed of visiting. But for many of us, that dream never becomes a reality for a variety of reasons. Maybe you think your dream vacation is too expensive, too difficult to get to or take time off of work, or maybe you don’t’ feel like you have the time due to family obligations. Whatever your reason, it is time to stop making excuses and take your dream vacation now. Let DMC Travel Tailor plan the trip of a lifetime for you! They are able to offer their clients exclusive perks and benefits they can’t find elsewhere through their Virtuoso affiliation. Virtuoso is the leading global luxury network that has many of the top hotels, tour and cruise operators.

You Deserve It

First and foremost, everyone deserves a vacation, and especially their dream vacation. You’ve likely spent countless hours daydreaming about your perfect vacation. Maybe you have even saved up some money towards the vacation or researched accommodations or an itinerary. We all work hard and we deserve a relaxing vacation to somewhere we’ve always wanted to go. There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with something you’ve always wanted!

Try Something New

Sometimes we get so caught up in the routine of everyday life that we often don’t take the time to try something new. Taking your dream vacation is a chance to shake things up a bit and try something new for once. You will be so glad you did!

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Your dream vacation is a once in a lifetime opportunity. While you might take many other vacations throughout your life but you will likely only get one chance to truly go all out and take the vacation of your dreams. So go ahead and take the leap. Contact DMC Travel Tailor and make plans to create the vacation you could only imagine. They have access to partners around the world that will ensure you will have those WOW experiences no matter where you choose to explore. Go ahead and enjoy every minute of it!

Travel Tips: How Can You Avoid Delays at The Security Check

We have been told time and again that we should get to the airport right on time to avoid missing our flights. Traveling can be a nuisance if you don’t know how to save time and avoid the delays. The long drives to airports, the long lines, and frequent delays can really mess you up. You want a smooth travel experience and by not learning these travel security tips and tricks, you are likely to have a bad experience.

Going through security can take a lot of time. Today, airports and airplanes have put in place extreme security measures, this makes the task of getting through quite difficult. However, there are things you can do to ensure that you don’t spend a lot of time in security checks.

Preparing ahead will save your precious time and bring peace of mind. First, if you carry a laptop, make sure you have it out, you will have to load it into the x-ray tray. If it is placed inside the bag stacked with other items on top, it will take a lot of time to remove it. A checkpoint-friendly laptop bag may also work out well because you will not need to remove it at all.

If you are carrying drinks with you, and these are allowed drinks, you should place them in a bag or pouch that is easy to access. You don’t want to start sorting through the bag looking for drinks at the security check.

You may want to take with you some gifts, if that’s the case, you would be better off not to wrap them. If the gifts are wrapped, the security may have to unwrap them, and you know what? You will have to spend a couple of minutes wrapping them back after the security check, and that’s time wasted.

DMC Travel Tailor, a travel company that specializes in luxury travel, helps you with all your travel design needs. Besides travel tips, they are also able to get you benefits through their Virtuoso affiliation you wouldn’t be able to get on your own. They will provide you with a personalized and custom-tailored travel experience to make sure you make the most of all your travel adventures.



5 Character Traits that You Can Develop While Traveling

Many surveys revealed that this generation of millennials tend to travel more than the previous generations because they are influenced by their friends and motivated by the posts they see on social media. While the reasons for traveling vary, most of them share that their main purpose for traveling is to experience a new culture and eat local foods.

If you are one of the many young ones who have a couple of travel destinations on their bucket list, here is another reason for you to continue exploring the world – it can help you develop the following positive character traits:

  1. Faith in Others. More often than not, you are at the mercy of the locals when you are traveling to an unfamiliar place. When your positive experiences with them increase, you tend to be more optimistic of people.
  2. Humility. Seeing how astounding and enormous the world is every time you travel will help keep you grounded and humble.
  3. Creativity. Being around people of different background and culture helps you to learn different ways of doing things. This will open your mind to come up with different ideas and to think outside the box.
  4. Broadmindedness. Traveling will help you be more open to new things and experiences because you get to meet people who do things and live differently.
  5. Courage. Doing different things that you wouldn’t normally do with people you don’t even know help ease your usual fears and give you strength to continue living fearlessly.

Given the information above, it is clear how travel can greatly help you transform into a better version of yourself. If you want to fully immerse yourself in various cultures and tick several travel goals off your bucket list, you should get in touch with DMC Travel Tailor, The Luxury Travel Specialists, for your next getaway. This travel company is committed to helping adventure lovers get the most out of their travel experience so you can realize your dreams.

Not for Everyone

Even though traveling is one of the most rewarding things you can find in life, it is definitely not for everyone. However, when it comes to traveling, there are experiences, places, and cultures to fit all tastes. A lot of people gravitate towards the cheaper options; backpacking and hostels present a great opportunity for youngsters who want to see as many places as possible. This can be a great experience, however, there comes a moment when you will see that traveling and getting to know a culture implies much more than simply having your passport stamped.

If you are truly interested in an immersive experience, you should be looking at what the luxury travel specialists have got to offer. Luxury travel isn’t just about visiting high-end hotels, it means making sure you have access to the right people who will be able to show you exactly what you want to see. Are you looking for unique experiences? Are you interested in having a high-end travel concierge to attend to your every need? DMC Travel is the agency that can offer this and so much more.

Luxury travel isn’t for everyone, but it will definitely offer you a very different experience than the one you had while traveling in your earlier years. With their dream travel designers, you will be able to plan and enjoy the perfect vacation. Whether you want to travel with a friend, your family or even to plan out your honeymoon, you can rest assured that, with their help, you’ll get the luxury travel experience you’ve been looking for.

DMC Travel isn’t your regular kind of travel agency. They pride themselves on being able to craft the vacation of your dreams for you. While they take care of all the details, you will be able to simply travel, enjoy and make the most out of your trip.