The Exceptional Value of a Travel Advisor

In the past, anyone who was considering a trip, whether for business or pleasure, found a travel advisor as a valuable asset. Today, travel advisors remain a valuable asset for many of the same reasons and more. Many people may believe the days of consulting with a travel advisor is over due to the digital world and the internet. However, this can’t be further from the truth.

Travel advisors of the 21st century provide much more than booking your flight and hotel. We came across a wonderful article written in the travel section of The Wall Street Journal named ‘How New Breed Travel Agents Can Give You an Edge,’ where they describe how a travel agent goes above and beyond the call of duty.

As the article explains, a travel agent from yesteryear worked a simple 9-to5 job. This is no longer the case. They are available after hours ensuring your trip goes without a hitch. As written in The Wall Street Journal, clients are promised ‘convenience, access, and hard-core expertise’ today’s travel advisors.

A travel advisor ensures the itineraries are full of activities the client finds enjoyable. In addition to finding these interests for their client, they have the unique ability to negotiate VIP access and more; such as an after-hours meeting with someone who otherwise would have rejected the meet. The advisor has a working relationship with businesses and people across the globe which helps make their clients trip perfect. The internet alone could not provide such luxuries.

One of the most valuable aspects of working with a travel advisor is their ability to help when ‘disaster strikes.’ In the event of an emergency or mishap, a travel advisor is ready and able to guide their clients successfully through no matter where they are located.

There is much more value than what meets the eye when you work with a travel advisor.

Why More People are Opting for Tailored Travel

Why More People are Opting for Tailored Travel

When it comes to tourism and travel, consumers are increasingly seeking out new and unique experiences. Additionally, most of them are looking for a custom private trip that is tailored to the experiences they would like to have. Why are more people looking into tailored trips?

Free To Enjoy

Travelling can be exciting, but it can also be stressful if not properly planned. A good number of people who have visited exotic locations before may opt for a tailored trip to eliminate the risk of going through one of their past stressful experiences. They need to be sure that the entire trip is handled by professionals who are experienced and skilled. Those going for adventure trips around the world will want to have the assurance that nothing will go wrong.

Get the Holiday You Want

There are many reasons why people travel. Some people travel primarily to experience exotic cultures to enjoy the food and drinks or find out about other people’s way of life. Others may travel for specific reasons like visiting historical life or see rare species of wildlife.

When the trip is tailored to include all of the experiences you enjoy you get value for money for every minute you are visiting these chosen locations. Furthermore, you get to be in the driving seat and determine location, accommodation, and cuisine according to your preferences.

Tailored travel presents a wide range of options for clients looking for unique experiences. When seeking new experiences one of the things tourists are looking for is authenticity. They want to experience the culture in its most natural form. For example, those who enjoy food may want to go to farms, make food with the locals, or try out a short cooking course in a popular culinary location. Tailored travel has a lot to offer people who wish to do things outside of the norm.