Flight Tips: How to Get Over Jet Lag

Flight Tips: How to Get Over Jet Lag

Have you taken a flight and when you arrive at the destination you feel like you’re totally worn down? Jet lags are common experiences travelers face and they could quickly turn that fancy flight into a hell of exhaustion – you feel like you want to be at home even before you explore your destination.

The body is naturally programmed to react and respond to things based on the 24-hour clock. That’s why you wake up when it’s daylight and you sleep when it’s dusk. The circadian rhythms control these body responses and routines. However, when you take a flight, your circadian rhythm is disrupted.

During the flight, you move through different time zones something that can cause extreme fatigue with symptoms such as loss of appetite, loss of memory, lack of concentration, bowel problems, and indigestion. Depending on your state of health, age, or stress levels, jet lag effects can vary and will take different periods of time for an individual to recover.

If you are a keen travel planner, you want to observe a couple of things just to prevent having jet lag. Before you take your flight, make sure you relax your schedule so that you minimize stress. Also, have a healthy sleep before that day you take your flight. Sometimes travelers end up having a few hours of sleep before they fly – it could be due to excitement or deliberately attempting to tire yourself hoping to sleep during the flight. That’s a big mistake we make and it can make it difficult for you adjust to the new time zones you get through during the flight.

Before the flight, avoid drinking that gin and tonic because the effects of alcohol tend to worsen at higher altitude and this can increase dehydration and tiredness causing you more problems with jet lag. You may think that sleeping pills will help, but that’s not true. Avoid taking them and probably opt for something like herbal tea.

Now that you know what to do to avoid jet lag, why not plan your next holiday trip with DMC Travel Tailor and explore your dream destination in fun and joy.

Choosing the Right Luxury Vacation Plan

If you are the kind of person who is always looking forward to planning the next trip, you might already have some experience planning trips out. However, a lot of people might find it hard to pinpoint exactly where they want to travel and how they want to do it. With so many options out there that are now easily accessible to everyone, things can get complicated. Traveling to popular cities or beaches can imply having to deal with large crowds and uncomfortable situations. And there might be a bunch of places you are interested in getting to know without knowing where to start.

You’re Not Alone

They say two heads think better than one, and you will not believe the kind of things that DMC Travel will be able to offer; there will probably be several you haven’t even thought about. DMC Travel is a luxury travel agency that specializes in tailoring the perfect trip for each person. With them, you will be able to talk to a luxury dream travel designer. What this means is that, based on your needs, wants and even things you might not have considered yet, this person will be able to offer a plan, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Luxury travel is still exclusive and with DMC Travel’s help, you will be able to have a life-changing experience.

A dream travel designer’s job is to listen to their clients, pitch in with ideas and help the client decide what it is that they’ve been looking for. With personalized service, each client will be able to find the options that will fit together like a puzzle to ensure they have a perfect luxury vacation. So if you are ready to start planning your next trip, get in touch with DMC Travel Tailor to make sure you make the most out of it!

Unique Accommodations Around the World

Sure, the top suite at a hotel is glamorous. But it still has four walls and a ceiling, just like every other room you’ve stayed in, right? Unless you’re watching fish and rays swim by in one of the underwater suites at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai or the Underwater Room at Manta Resort on Tanzania’s Pemba Island, that is. Maybe you have a pretty state-of-the-art aquarium at home and that’s still a little too domestic for you. No worries, there are plenty of unique accommodations that can take you out of your comfort zone while still making you feel warm and cozy.

An inflatable bubble

Iceland’s Bubble bills itself as a “5 million star hotel” and is a perfect spot for viewing the Northern Lights. Most bubbles are fully transparent, but privacy is not a problem, as trees separate each from bubble from the next. The hotel doesn’t even tell you where it’s located until you book, so there aren’t a lot of gawkers milling around. The bubbles are temperature controlled and wired for electricity, with bathroom, shower and dining facilities in the service house. In winter, the bubbles make for a personal IMAX theater with the Aurora Borealis playing often. In summer, you can enjoy outdoor activities late into the night and see the last rays of the midnight sun fade away. Virtuoso-preferred destination management company Iceland Encounter can help with the arrangements and help you select which bubble is right for you.

A Yurt

Virtuoso-preferred tour operator Remote Lands has a special relationship with Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia, where the guest rooms are 30 yurts, or gers, covered with felt and canvas with wood-burning stoves supplying the warmth. The lodge also utilizes solar and wind energy with an eye toward environmental and cultural sustainability. One of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World, Three Camels is a great base for excavating dinosaur fossils under the tutelage of a paleontologist or camel-trekking through the Gobi Desert. The meals are traditional and served in an over-sized ger, and in the Dino House lounge, you can learn Mongolia’s favorite game: shagai (played with the ankle bones of sheep and goats) while enjoying a drink from the Thirsty Camel bar.

A cliffside pod

The mountaintop view overlooking Peru’s Sacred Valley and Urubamba River is one you won’t forget. Especially if you spend the night in a pod hanging over a cliff, gazing up at the stars and down at the heartland of the Inca Empire, experiencing the sort of connection the Incas had with the heavens. Booking your place at Skylodge through Virtuoso-preferred Metropolitan Touring is easy. Getting to your room is more of an adventure. Guests climb about 1,300 feet of Via Ferrata (metal handholds and footholds in the rock face) or do a combination of hiking and ziplining to reach the pods. Once you’re there, a gourmet dinner with wine awaits as your reward. Pods contain a bed and sitting, and, yes, there is a separate bathroom.

A treehouse

“The ultimate bush bedrooms,” the treehouses at Virtuoso-preferred Lion Sands private game reserve will bring the sights and sounds of the South African wilds into your living quarters. You arrive at sunset to a gourmet picnic and observe as the diurnal wildlife scampers off to sleep and the nocturnal animals take over. A field guide drops you off and offers a tutorial on what to expect, and remains on call should things go bump in the night. Among the sounds you’re likely to hear are hippos honking, lions roaring, leopards calling and hyenas cackling. With three locations (Chalkley Treehouse in the Sabi Sand, Kingston Treehouse in the Sabi Sand and Tinyeleti Treehouse in Kruger National Park), there are distinct options for couples and families, with a varying range of amenities depending on how much you want to rough it.

An ice hotel

About 125 miles inside the Arctic Circle stands the small village of Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, once frequented only by the reindeer-herding Sami people and those trading furs with them. Since 1989, though, it has been home to Icehotel. Not all the rooms are made of ice, and the hotel actually recommends that you spend most of your nights in a “warm room.” But the real attraction are the “cold rooms,” which are rebuilt every year once the weather is right. It’s a good idea to spend either your first or last night in a cold room, where temperatures can be as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll need to bring your own long johns, but Icehotel supplies outer clothes and thermal sleeping bags that are warm enough for temperatures between 10-15 degrees below 0 Fahrenheit (it won’t get that cold). Hot lingonberry tea and trips to the sauna are also provided so you can snuggle in. Virtuoso-preferred tour operator 50 Degrees North has activity packages available to fill your days, and Icebar is open until 12 a.m. for a nightcap.

By Damien Martin

5 Character Traits that You Can Develop While Traveling

Many surveys revealed that this generation of millennials tend to travel more than the previous generations because they are influenced by their friends and motivated by the posts they see on social media. While the reasons for traveling vary, most of them share that their main purpose for traveling is to experience a new culture and eat local foods.

If you are one of the many young ones who have a couple of travel destinations on their bucket list, here is another reason for you to continue exploring the world – it can help you develop the following positive character traits:

  1. Faith in Others. More often than not, you are at the mercy of the locals when you are traveling to an unfamiliar place. When your positive experiences with them increase, you tend to be more optimistic of people.
  2. Humility. Seeing how astounding and enormous the world is every time you travel will help keep you grounded and humble.
  3. Creativity. Being around people of different background and culture helps you to learn different ways of doing things. This will open your mind to come up with different ideas and to think outside the box.
  4. Broadmindedness. Traveling will help you be more open to new things and experiences because you get to meet people who do things and live differently.
  5. Courage. Doing different things that you wouldn’t normally do with people you don’t even know help ease your usual fears and give you strength to continue living fearlessly.

Given the information above, it is clear how travel can greatly help you transform into a better version of yourself. If you want to fully immerse yourself in various cultures and tick several travel goals off your bucket list, you should get in touch with DMC Travel Tailor, The Luxury Travel Specialists, for your next getaway. This travel company is committed to helping adventure lovers get the most out of their travel experience so you can realize your dreams.

Not for Everyone

Even though traveling is one of the most rewarding things you can find in life, it is definitely not for everyone. However, when it comes to traveling, there are experiences, places, and cultures to fit all tastes. A lot of people gravitate towards the cheaper options; backpacking and hostels present a great opportunity for youngsters who want to see as many places as possible. This can be a great experience, however, there comes a moment when you will see that traveling and getting to know a culture implies much more than simply having your passport stamped.

If you are truly interested in an immersive experience, you should be looking at what the luxury travel specialists have got to offer. Luxury travel isn’t just about visiting high-end hotels, it means making sure you have access to the right people who will be able to show you exactly what you want to see. Are you looking for unique experiences? Are you interested in having a high-end travel concierge to attend to your every need? DMC Travel is the agency that can offer this and so much more.

Luxury travel isn’t for everyone, but it will definitely offer you a very different experience than the one you had while traveling in your earlier years. With their dream travel designers, you will be able to plan and enjoy the perfect vacation. Whether you want to travel with a friend, your family or even to plan out your honeymoon, you can rest assured that, with their help, you’ll get the luxury travel experience you’ve been looking for.

DMC Travel isn’t your regular kind of travel agency. They pride themselves on being able to craft the vacation of your dreams for you. While they take care of all the details, you will be able to simply travel, enjoy and make the most out of your trip.

Take your Villa or Apartment Renting To The Next Level With Virtuoso


Taking the whole family on a beach vacation this summer? Want an apartment in the big city for a long weekend? Why, you’ll need to book an Airbnb rental for that, right? Sure, if you want to run the risk of being secretly filmed by your host, as one couple recently discovered was happening to them at a Longboat Key, Fla., rental. Or if you’re OK with the possibility that your host might cancel your booking at the last minute for no reason or because of your race, as occurred in February with a Big Bear, Calif., rental. Or if you don’t mind that the place you’re renting might not have the proper insurance, safety measures or even be legally available for short-term rentals.

Or, you could utilize the vast resources of the Virtuoso network and stay at a place that has been properly vetted, offers services such as housekeeping and lets you enjoy your experience instead of worrying about what’s actually waiting for you when you arrive and potentially dealing with issues that turn your vacation into a big hassle.


Virtuoso-preferred partners offer a vast array of accommodations around the world. In addition to many Virtuoso-preferred hotels having private villas and apartments, there are several companies who specialize in just this sort of thing.



Villas of Distinction features properties all throughout the Caribbean, in several European countries, Hawaii, Colorado, Florida and so much more. You can filter the number of bedrooms you need, the type of experience and level of service you’re looking for, and special features such as beachfront or fully staffed until you’ve found the villa that is perfect for you and your crew.



Abercrombie & Kent doesn’t just do great tours, from magnificently crafted group and family journeys to completely customized private itineraries, the company also has alpine chalets and luxury villas from Andalucia to Umbria at the best addresses in Europe. So after you return from a day of breathtaking touring with your driver and guide, you can sit down to a gourmet meal prepared by a private chef. Sure beats rummaging through the fridge at an Airbnb.



Say you’re off to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Paris, London or Rome for a long weekend, a week or a longer stay. Instead of booking a hotel, you’d rather live like a local and have a larger living space with all the comforts of home. Onefinestay has a whole roster of apartments, condos and lofts in those cities, plus an ever-expanding list of global destinations. Onefinestay visits each home before renting it and has a guest services team ready 24/7 to assist guests. Good luck getting a hold of your Airbnb host at 3 a.m.



Ski season is upon us, and you might need help finding a place that checks off all the items on your wish list. Ski-in/ski-out, hot tub, whatever the request, Alpine Adventures has the rental for you, from Vail to Verbier, Crested Butte to Courchevel and just about anywhere else skis and snowboards tear lines.


There are so many more choices, from the villa collections of Virtuoso-preferred wholesalers Travel Impressions and Classic Vacations to the beautiful villas along Lake Como available through the all-everything Italy specialists at IC Bellagio. Now aren’t you glad you don’t have to worry about an Airbnb host dropping by without notice during your romantic dinner?


By Damien Martin