Personalize Your Trip to You, Not the Other Way Around

Personalize Your Trip to You, Not the Other Way Around
You don’t want to go just anywhere out there. You want to go somewhere that is going to call to you. This is a perk of being able to use a travel tailor that is going to fit a vacation for you and your wants and needs.

It is true that you can jump into a relationship with a travel destination only to find out that this was not the travel destination or vacation you had in mind. It happens to the best of us, we have all been there.

Customize Your Perfect Vacation
DMC Travel Tailor works to customize that perfect vacation so this is something that does not happen. You need to have the vacation destination that speaks to you; DMC Travel Tailor will assess your wants and needs to find out what type of vacation is going to get your blood moving. They have access to global partners around the world through their Virtuoso affiliation where clients receive exclusive perks and benefits they cannot find on their own.

Trust in the ability of DMC Travel Tailor and go out on a vacation that is not only going to test your abilities but gives you great memories and makes you do so much more than you ever thought you were capable of. You may event discover another aspect of yourself in this far off place.

Take some time off, put your feet up and allow someone else to handle all of the vacation details. You shouldn’t have to plan another mundane trip. Book something that you’re going to actually love, something that is going to fill you with passion.

Be the one person that is going on a trip to the heart, of the wants, needs, and desires that you have. DMC Travel Tailor will make sure that the vacation they put together is the vacation that is tailored to you.

Are you ready to book a vacation that is going to be one that you will never forget? Try something new, take a leap of faith and go all in.

Plan a Stress Free Travel Getaway to Escape the Everyday Stress

Plan a Stress-Free Travel Getaway to Escape the Everyday Stress
You, yes you! You need a break to feel more rested and restored. Sometimes, you also need to get away from the everyday stress that you are drowning in right now. Sure, stress eating can be an escape, but there is one thing that you really need to do to get away for a while – travel! Escape physically and mentally from your daily routine of stress to feel restored and recharged. You will surely need that before start sinking yourself into your work again. Traveling can be a way to find yourself again and a way to have more time to think. Most important, traveling is a way to create a quality time with your loved ones.

Eliminate Stress: Travel with Ease
If a pre-established travel package is not the solution, then what will help you in eliminating the stress of planning travel? You can still travel and escape the reality. No worries, Daniele and Stefany have your back! Ever heard of tailor-made travel? Everything will still be arranged just like a travel package, but there will be a unique itinerary that you will create to suit your style, lifestyle, and taste.

Someone to Tailor Your Unique Travel Itinerary
But of course, as a traveler, especially first-time traveler, you may not have an idea about the place you are going. That is why you need someone to create an itinerary that will compliment what kind of experiences you really want. You need someone who has an experience in traveling, traveled to 47 countries and 28 islands (and counting), has the knowledge managing the needs of travelers and loves in assisting others with their travel dreams. That someone is Stefany Di Manno Ceccato, Co-Founder/Dream Travel Designer of DMC Travel Tailor.
Before you will even utter the words “this can be expensive,” DMC Travel Tailor definitely knows how to create a unique itinerary designed, not just to suit your taste, but also to suit your budget. DMC Travel Tailor can work with different budgets, but they do specialize in luxury travel with Virtuoso as their affiliation. Virtuoso is the leading global luxury network that has many of the top hotels, tour and cruise operators.

Are you planning to have that getaway ticket from your everyday stress? Take a break; you need it! It is time to contact DMC Travel Tailor.

Choosing the Right Luxury Vacation Plan

If you are the kind of person who is always looking forward to planning the next trip, you might already have some experience planning trips out. However, a lot of people might find it hard to pinpoint exactly where they want to travel and how they want to do it. With so many options out there that are now easily accessible to everyone, things can get complicated. Traveling to popular cities or beaches can imply having to deal with large crowds and uncomfortable situations. And there might be a bunch of places you are interested in getting to know without knowing where to start.

You’re Not Alone

They say two heads think better than one, and you will not believe the kind of things that DMC Travel will be able to offer; there will probably be several you haven’t even thought about. DMC Travel is a luxury travel agency that specializes in tailoring the perfect trip for each person. With them, you will be able to talk to a luxury dream travel designer. What this means is that, based on your needs, wants and even things you might not have considered yet, this person will be able to offer a plan, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Luxury travel is still exclusive and with DMC Travel’s help, you will be able to have a life-changing experience.

A dream travel designer’s job is to listen to their clients, pitch in with ideas and help the client decide what it is that they’ve been looking for. With personalized service, each client will be able to find the options that will fit together like a puzzle to ensure they have a perfect luxury vacation. So if you are ready to start planning your next trip, get in touch with DMC Travel Tailor to make sure you make the most out of it!

Have These Travel Myths Been Hindering Your Progress?

Have These Travel Myths Been Hindering Your Progress?
In our years of talking to people (because we are suckers for delightful conversations), we are yet to come across anyone who hates travel. What we have encountered so far is a list of myths that non-travelers spread. What are some that you’ve heard about travel and cringed at their sheer untruthfulness?

You Need Tons of Money
Some people believe that travel calls for draining of their bank accounts. Well, you can take this to the bank; you can travel on a budget. What you need is proper planning to take advantage of discounts on accommodation especially when it’s the low season, lower flight costs, and the shared cost of traveling in a group.

You Don’t Need Insurance
Umm, you do. Not to say that anything bad will happen while you are away, but why leave that door open? Your travel agency will help you get your travel insurance in time for travel.

It’s All Fun and No Income
Well, true, but not if you are an entrepreneur at heart. The places you are visiting are new to you and thousands of people. How about paving the way for them to visit someday? Document your travels so that they know what to expect and earn income passively. You can teach a language too while away and earn enough for the next trip.

Solo Female Traveler? No!
Fear is crippling and will not allow you to experience anything new until you kick it to the curb. We have planned trips for solo women travelers for eons, and they always come back in one piece with a lot to tell. If anyone tells you to shelf your plans till you have male company, then they are projecting their fears on you. Shake them off.

Explore the World

If you’re like most people, at some point you’ve dreamed of traveling the world. Whether it is the canals of Venice, the blue waters of the South Pacific, or the African Serengeti, you probably have a list of places that you’d like to visit before you die. The question is, why wait? With DMC Travel Tailor, you don’t have to. Established in 2016, this high-end travel company aims to make your dreams come true, offering custom travel planning suited to your personal tastes.

Company founders Stefany and Daniele draw on a wealth of travel experience to create a VIP experience for their clients. In her work as a corporate flight attendant serving a client base including celebrities and Fortune 500 executives, she has visited nearly 50 countries, while Daniele brings knowledge drawn from his experience as a station Manager at an international airport in Venice. In fact, it was there that they met. Since then, they have embarked on a mission to share their passion for travel with others who dream of expanding their horizons.

Perhaps the greatest signal of Daniele and Stefany’s belief in the transformational power of travel is their own continued journey to destinations around the world. DMC Travel Tailor is their mission to extend this magic to others so they, too, can experience the joy and renewal that comes from experiencing the world in different places other than your hometown. Their own extensive travels have shown them that that expanding one’s knowledge of the world also expands one’s knowledge of oneself.

Like the name suggests, DMC Travel Tailor creates a travel plan personally tailored to the dreams of its clients. In this age of online travel services, Stefany and Daniele offer a personal approach to tailor fit your itinerary to your needs and wishes. Whether you seek the warm sands of a Caribbean island or the culture and history of Rome, DMC Travel Tailor can make your dreams come true, exactly to your specifications.