Interview with Dilshad Vadsaria, Actress and Inventor of rev’pod

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dilshad. She actually kept me good company while I was driving home from my mom and dad’s house in Fort Mill. Our mutual friend whom we both adore introduced us to each other. I find her fascinating. Her zest for life and ambition are admirable. We discovered we have quite a few things in common. She and I share the same passion and love for travel, needless to say, conversation came easy. She invented a travel product rev’pod ™, I have a travel company, DMC Travel Tailor, so we decided, why not collaborate?

As I found her and her product intriguing, I thought you might as well and I wanted to share her story with you. These are the questions I asked her.

Where did you grow up?

I like to say I grew up everywhere and I grew up nowhere. I’ve moved around my entire life so there isn’t one place I can call home. Though I have now lived in L.A. the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere. The moving around has probably attributed to my staying curious about the world…eventually making me a wanderluster at heart.

What is rev’pod ™ ?

rev’pod ™ is an ultra soft, sustainable travel and lounge pod which offers a hidden eye mask in the hoodie, mittens for your cold hands, hidden pockets for your valuables, a double zip to snap the pod up so that you never have to take it off and a handle so that when you roll it up to you can take it with you wherever you go! Whew..try saying that fast.

You can check us out at or @getrevpod on Insta. 

What inspired you to create rev’pod ™ ?

We dreamt up rev’pod ™ as people who love to travel but also love being in our own worlds. Nowadays traveling can be exhausting, stressful and frankly germy. So rev’pod ™ was dreamt up as a way to feel like you are cocooned, calm and serene as you travel, glamp, rest up in a hotel room or even in your own home. 

Who is your ideal customer for rev’pod ™ ?

Someone who likes to be comfortable but still marches to his or her own beat. Who doesn’t look for permission from others to do something or be a certain way. So whether it’s lounging at home or on a plane, you can have on your rev’pod ™ and feel like you’re doing things your own way.

We spoke about you loving to travel. Why do you love it?

I love adventure, meeting people, seeing culture. I would be the person who would say to you, the museum outing was nice, but let’s take a walk through that neighborhood and see how people live. Ultimately, I think we are all the same in our hearts. We’re all connected in some way. What I love is knowing that and then exploring the food, architecture, and the historical events of the land, music, sports, and art. This all makes up a culture, so I want to know how and what has shaped these elements to be what they are today. I’m a kid in awe, each time I discover all of these things when I travel.

What has been your most memorable trip and why?

Probably Botswana. I traveled there for three weeks on safari. I had no phone. No connection to the outside world aside from what was around me. It was unexpectedly joyous and peaceful to be around the animals. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I had a very difficult time adjusting to our busy, busy world when I returned.

Traveling as much as I have, I can definitely relate to being cold on planes and wanting something to keep my ears and head warm. Flying takes a toll on our bodies, why not at least be warm and comfy when flying? If you are looking for something to keep you cozy during flight and or at home, you can get 10% off by using the coupon code stefanypod at check out:

I can relate to her response on wanting to live like the locals in places. I don’t mind hitting some tourist attractions, but I find joy in having moments while traveling with the locals, learning more about the place through the people. One thing I treasure most about travel is the bond you make with people you meet along the way. And of course I love her last response, as a fellow Africa lover, and an African specialist, I agree, there is nothing like Africa. Its magic draws you in forever. There is something to be said about the peace you feel when you are amidst the animals and wide-open landscapes. Nature feeds our souls, and these days, I am sure we could all use more of it!

Happy Travels!

Top Multi-Generational Trips

Top Multi-Generational Trips

We covered the best trips for solo travelers a couple weeks ago, so now that you’re relaxed or have a de-stressing trip to look forward to, let’s discuss the best trips to take the whole family on. Multigenerational trips have become increasingly popular in the last several years. An informal poll of Largay advisors yielded some great response on the best multigen adventures for your family.


Italy is great for everyone because there are so many different Italies. The history of major cities such as Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice is great for grandparents and students alike. Young adults will appreciate the romance and nightlife. There are perfect spots for coming together as a family in a villa. Rentals are typically weekly, and there are amazing countryside options in Tuscany and Umbria or the lake region in the north. Along the way, a great option to stop in medieval towns for a guided tour. From Puglia to Liguria, there is plenty to see. Sicily and the Aeolian Islands could make a trip until themselves.

Costa Rica

It’s close and fairly easy to reach. There’s good service into two airports, one near the beach and one closer to the rainforest and Arenal volcano and its accompanying hot springs. There are fabulous treetop lodges full of activity — horseback riding, waterfall hikes, birdwatching — and spa treatments — coffee exfoliation, mango coconut wraps — in equal force. The Pacific coast has the great beaches of the Papagayo Peninsula, and there’s river rafting throughout, sometimes even right up to your lodge.

Australia/New Zealand

It’s quite possible most of your family might only go to this part of the world once. You might as well all go together. Marvel at the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, tour the Sydney Opera House behind the scenes and sea unique wildlife in Australia. Golf your way through New Zealand, and take time to cruise Milford Sound and trek Middle-Earth in between courses. After all that, somebody is definitely making a return trip.

On a Cruise

The ship itself has shows, plenty of dining options, activities for kids, even babysitting in some cases. The places the ship takes you are breathtaking, especially wildlife destinations such as Alaska and the Galapagos. You’ll see incredible animals in their natural environments along with the gorgeous scenery. A Mediterranean cruise or select family-oriented European river cruises take you in the heart of cities rich in culture. Your travel advisor will help you find the cruise line that fits your family best.

On Safari

A safari is a wonderful experience at any age, and something every traveler should experience at least once. Game drives make for a perfect all-inclusive day out, and everybody loves observing wildlife in action. Africa has so many beautiful natural wonders, from Victoria Falls to Ngorongoro Crater to the Okavango Delta. Those lucky enough to spot all of the Big Five will never forget it. Even if you don’t see them all, you’ll have invaluable memories with your family. By the time your grandkids tell their grandkids about it, the story will be embellished enough that you did see all five.

Destinations Making a Comeback

It’s a big world out there, and while every country has something unique to offer, political situations or natural disasters can put destinations out of commission for a while. Fortunately, these wonderful places are making a comeback.


The land of the pharaohs was not safe for several years in the wake of the political upheaval of the 2011 Arab Spring. Thankfully, major tour operators have returned, bringing travelers to such world treasures as the pyramids of Giza, the temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel and cruising the Nile. Egypt tourism surged more than 40 percent in the first half of this year, signaling that a place so full of history the Romans considered it ancient, is retaking its rightful place on the world stage.


Fears of ISIL presence near Turkey’s southern border coupled with a bombing at the Istanbul airport and coup attempt in the summer of 2016 made Turkey a no-go. Things have settled down, and now travelers are safe to take in the beauty of the Bosporus and the Hagia Sophia in the Turkish capital, as well as explore the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. Istanbul served as the capital of three empires and contains an immense amount of cultural heritage.


Travel to Cuba was all the rage in 2015 when the Obama administration thawed relations with and eased restrictions on the island just 90 miles off the tip of Florida. Things changed when the Trump administration reversed some of those policies and when the State Department issued a travel advisory concerning alleged attacks on embassy personnel. This year, however, Cuba travel is up 40 percent over 2017 as uncertainty has dissipated.

The Caribbean

After the devastation of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria last year, several islands that had their lifeblood industry, tourism, decimated are back open for business. Many resorts in Puerto Rico have reopened, as have some in the British Virgin Islands and St Barth’s.

St. Martin’s top resorts will be open in time for the holidays, as will Anguilla’s. As word trickles out slowly, there are great deals to be had at places that are normally filled months in advance. The region needs travelers to help in its recovery, so it’s a win-win situation.

Why Travel

Traveling is one of the greatest experiences. Seeing new places, people, experiences new cultures, and the food is something that almost everyone enjoys. Being a more cultured person makes you more open-minded to different ideas and experience. When planning a trip, it can be stressful though. Whether you are planning a business trip or a family vacation, making sure you have the itinerary correct while you are still trying to live your everyday life is hard. This is why you should use DMC Travel Tailor. A company that takes specialized requests and plans your trip for you.

Founded by Stefany Ceccato and Daniele Di Manno in 2016. They both have traveling backgrounds, Stefany working as a flight attendant and Daniele who was the manager for a commercial and private aviation station. They each had a passion for travel and exploring new places and cultures. They launched their company with hopes of creating custom-tailored trips for their clients. DMC Travel Tailor builds personal and long-lasting relationships with their clients to ensure that their trip was a success and that they will continue to use their services. DMC Travel Tailor gives back a percentage of their profits to a charity that they work with closely.

The Process

DMC Travel Tailor has organized and created a plan to help the planning process be more efficient. It includes:

  • Discover and Understand
    • They learn more about you with a phone call.
  • Clarify and Commit
    • Create an agreement
  • Design Travel
    • They take their resources to design a unique and individualized itinerary.
  • Reserve and Reconfirm
    • They reserve the services and then confirm that they are exactly what the client wanted.
  • Monitor and Manage
    • While the client is gone, DMC Travel Tailor takes care of anything that need to be done while you are gone.
  • Debrief and Recalibrate
    • They speak with the client about their trip and discuss any questions or problems they might have had.

The next time you travel, consider DMC Travel Tailor who will make all your dream a reality.

Travel at Ease

Traveling, going on vacation, work trips, or anything where you are experiencing a new environment is exciting. The excitement and fun can easily be ruined by the stress and confusion of planning a trip. Using a travel agency can be a better route but finding one that would take all of your personal, individualized needs into consideration can be harder than you would think. DMC Travel Tailor plans customized trips for you and takes away the hassle that comes with organizing a trip. Their main goal is to expand your world, rejuvenate you, and make you feel alive. They want to set fire to your soul with memories from your travel experiences.

Stefany Di Manno Ceccato and Daniele Ceccato are the founders of DMC Travel Tailor and the creative minds that work with you to plan your dream trip. Your initial contact with Stefany is over the phone (unless you meet in person) where she asks you questions to help her understand exactly what you are wanting from your travel experience so she knows the best way to serve you. She then takes the information given to work on an itinerary customized for you.

DMC Travel Tailor works with several different companies to ensure you get the best experience and the perks that come along with it. These companies include:

    • Largay Travel
    • Virtuoso
    • Tzell Travel Group

Working with Virtuoso, which is the leading luxury network in the world, allows DMC Travel Tailor to give their clients exclusive benefits and excursions that they cannot find on their own. They contribute five percent of their profit to a charity, Camp Happy Days, which is an organization that helps kids with cancer in hopes of making the world a better place. DMC Travel Tailor wants to turn your dreams into memories one trip at a time. Where would you like to go next?